A/S application procedure

  • Application for A/S and

    request complaints by phone / homepage / e-mail / fax

  • Wired Consultation by
    Customer Support Team

    Fast action by phone or reservation for on-site visit

  • On-site visit by person
    in charge of A/S

    on-site inspection and repair progress

  • Deliver the contents of

    The matter on charge/free of charge is determined according to the cause and delivery of the repair result.

Information for consultation

※ 24 hours consultation is available.
※Lunch time: 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

Company Information

*Marked items are required.

서비스 내용
* Product
* Company name
* A person in charge
* Region
* Contact
and requests

*Please attach related data that can check the symptom for A/S.

+ 추가

Privacy Policy
  • We will respond within 24 hours after checking the contents of A/S request (weekends / holidays excluded).
  • Please understand that the processing to answer might be delayed in case of too much inquiries.
Division Content
1. Items of personal information to be collected Name, e-mail address, contact (telephone number)
2. Purpose of collecting and using/td> Handling of customer consultation and result reply
3. Period of retention and use After the purpose of personal information collecting and use is achieved, the relevant information will be destroyed without delay. But, when there is a duty to preserve information in accordance with the relevant regulations, the information will be preserved for a certain time specified by law. Agree / Disagree, Auto Registration, Prevention Code (Please enter the 5-digit number on the left).

Do you agree with the collection and utilization of personal information?

*Auto registration prevention code

* Please enter a 5-digit number on the left.